Reach Your Creative Potential

Master your painting skills

When you join the Intuitive Artist Academy you will immerse yourself in a world of creative empowerment.

Flourish as an Artist and Witness the Blossoming of Your Skills

Have you ever experienced the patronizing glances people give you when you tell them you're an artist? My purpose is to erase those expressions from people's faces as you show them the beauty of your artwork and showcase your remarkable success in your art business.

You no longer need to grapple with artistic struggles or creative hurdles. Your business is just as essential as your artistic practice. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your skills and leave people awe-inspired by your work. Transform your paintings from flat and lifeless to vivid and dynamic. Look people confidently in the eyes and proudly proclaim, "I am a thriving artist!"


Payment Plans Available
We know that finances can be tricky to navigate for artists! So in order to help you out, payment plans are available to make life a little easier and give you some room to breathe.

Learn on Demand
Anywhere anytime you can take these courses. You can access your courses from your phone, tablet, or laptop anywhere in the world. Whatever works for you, completely at your pace!

Immediate & Lifetime Access
No waiting time to get started on your courses. When you purchase they are available immediately. Once you sign up, it’s yours for life.

Find your Artist's Intuition
Painting skills are not just about practice and techniques, it’s also about trusting your artist's intuition. Learn to recognize when a painting needs something added to it or changed. Learn to create your own painting process so that you become so comfortable with your skill that it feels like second nature.